Session 1

Session 1 Logistics:
Date: Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Location: Stationhouse Pub (upstairs), 737 Goldstream Ave, Langford, BC

Food: Snacks, coffee, tea and water provided

TOC Account Number: To be provided at session.

Preparation Details (please complete prior to our Tuesday session / only approx. 25 min time commitment)


1.    View “UDL at a Glance” video  (~ 4 min.)

2.    View How are the Guidelines Organized on the National Centre on Universal Design for Learning site:  (~ 4 min.)

3.    Read UDL Unplugged: The role of technology in UDL:  A sample lesson that follows UDL guidelines is illustrated in this document (~ 15 min.)

4.    Bring all documents to Jan. 7th working session.


Tuesday, Jan. 7th, 2014 Session Agenda


1. Introductions


2. What does UDL mean to you?


3. “Introduction to UDL” video by Kristin Wiens


4. Discussion of UDL Unplugged: The role of technology in UDL article


5. Analyzing a classroom example of UDL.


6. Designing lessons that incorporate UDL principals


7. Developing a Class Profile


8. Work session to discuss and brainstorm how to implement a UDL principle into an upcoming lesson.

Preparation for Next Session (Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 Session):

  • Implement one or more principles in a lesson sometime on the next two weeks. Keep it simple, just a trial.
  • Decide on a larger lesson or unit that you will be teaching some time in Feb., March or April that you wish to work on at our next session.
  • Come with a classroom profile for the class you will be focusing on.

Session 1 Documents

UDL Unplugged

Class Learning Profile 1

Class Learning Profile 2

Class Learning Profile 3 (CAST / very detailed)

Applications of UDL Learning Activity

UDL Guidelines

UDL Guidelines Checklist and Notes
Kristin Wiens’ UDL Video

Understanding the UDL Guidelines’ Structure