Nov 22

Creating Websites & Blogs


A website is an online medium that allows you to publish texts, pictures and video. Different platforms for websites allow you to do different things.

Different Platforms for Different Things

  • Website Platforms (static information)
  • Blogging Platforms (communication)
  • Wiki Platforms (collaboration)
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) (management & distribution)

Steps to Creating a Website

Step 1 Know your purpose and audience.


Step 2 Choose a platform that best meets your needs. Some things to consider:

  • What is available to you?
  • BC Privacy Laws (American or Canadian server?)
  • Ease of updating (how many clicks?)
  • Affordances (what can it do?)
  • Visual Impact & Navigation (how easy is it for the user to navigate? are visuals enhancing or distracting?)


Step 3 Experiment and get feedback.

Examples of Different Websites


Example Purpose Audience Platform
Futures Program A one stop shop program information. Parents and Students Website (Weebly)
Socials 10 Project Based Multi-media curriculum / easy to update. Grade 10 students Blog(WordPress)
MA 10 Flipped Classroom Access to instructional videos. Grade 10 students Blog(WordPress)
Curriculum Coordinator Site A one stop shop for information. SD 62 Teachers Website(Weebly)
Resource Wiki Collaborative resource sharing space SD 62 Teachers Wiki(Wikispaces)
Curriculum Coordinator Site Communication and information. SD 62 Teachers Blog(WordPress)
Online Course(password protected) Manage system and curriculum distribution. Students LMS(Blackboard)


Creating a Classroom Website

List of 10 Platforms



Web Site Evaluation Rubric (general)

Classroom Web Site Evaluation Rubric

WordPress Video Tutorial

District Policies To Be Aware Of

“The Board of School Trustees requires that no pictures taken of students or staff in schools or at associated facilities or activities be uploaded to school, public or private websites without the express written consent of the person or persons, and/or their parents/guardians, in the photograph.” (full regulations)

Consent Form